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2 hrs.

$55 per person plus tax. Children under 3 years old are free

Welcome to BlueHole Watersports Boat Rentals Let's Go Fishing! Contact Us Let's Go Snorkeling!

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    Hello there, it's me Basil and today I want to take you fishing.

   That's how we USED to do it, but today at BLUEHOLE Water sports we want to take you bottom fishing to some of the best sites in Nassau so you can try your hand, or should I say POLE, at catching some of the tastiest fish in the sea.   You are sure to catch Yellow Tail Snapper, Grunt, Porgy, Turbot, Grouper, Jacks and even Barracuda. If your accommodations have cooking facilities, you are welcome to take your fish with you and enjoy the catch of the day for dinner.

    The price of the trip is $500 for a total

time of 4 hours from the time you leave the dock to the time you return and the maximum persons per trip is 4.

You know, years ago Bahamians fished to feed their family more so than for sport. When I was a boy growing up, we would start out on a Friday night by walking along the beach with lit torches when the tide was low.  We would walk into the grassy areas of the sea bed to catch lobster which we would use for bait.  After we had enough bait, we would head for the boats before the sun came up.  Once we were at our fishing drop, we would use the lobster to catch small fish and then use some of those same small fish as bait to catch larger fish, that way we could catch more of a variety of fish to take home.  Sounds like a lot of work doesn't it?   Now keep in mind all of this fishing was done with a hand line since we couldn't afford a pole.  Needless to say this required a lot of skill and to this day hand line fishing is the preferred method of Bahamians.

For Reservations or additional information, please email us at blueholebt@hotmail.com