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Welcome to BlueHole Watersports Boat Rentals Let's Go Fishing! Contact Us Let's Go Snorkeling!

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You know I've been boating ever since I was a little boy and take it from me there is nothing more beautiful to the eyes than the crystal clear waters of the Bahamas with their different hues of blue and turquoise, and nothing stimulates your appreciation for the marvel of creation as watching the synchronized swimming of dolphins as they follow your boat, the acrobatic feat of a sting ray as he lunges out of the water and then dives back in or encountering a fish that can actually fly on top of the water,  add to that the miles and miles of  beautiful, secluded, pristine beaches you will pass along the way and one can only imagine what paradise must have been like.

If all of this appeals to you, then come visit us at "BLUEHOLE" Water sports and rent one of our U-drive boats.

If you want to escape the hustle and bustle of Nassau with its crowds and the hotel scene, then why not pack a picnic lunch, take along some snorkeling equipment (snorkel equipment available for a small fee) and cruise off to spend the day on a secluded island.  Apart from the chirping birds,  the rustling of the summer breeze on the leaves of the trees, the occasional thump of a coconut as it hits the ground,  and the therapeutic sound of the gentle waves that seem to be massaging the beaches, you are alone to experience a vacation within a vacation.

If you have boating experience then this is definitely a MUST DO.  Our boats hold a maximum of 4 people (maybe a little more depending on size) and our fees are:

A $500 cash or credit card deposit is required

which will be returned to you once the boat

comes back without any damage.  All fees

include 15 gallons of fuel and the use of a cooler for drinks or food.

Welcome all you boating enthusiasts.

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$55 per person plus tax. Children under 3 years old are free

For Reservations or additional information, please email us at blueholebt@hotmail.com